Chasing Mr. Wrong


What if everything you know about finding Mr. Right… turns out to be wrong?

Zoey Woodland believes in happily ever after… but only if she follows the ideal rules of love. Even if she comes from a failed marriage filled with broken promises, and an unstable home with a bossy older sister who won’t stop telling her what to do, Zoey is determined to find the perfect guy. Training to become a relationship expert, she even tries to help others avoid the pain she has suffered.

In a 24-hour period, though, everything Zoey knows about love goes out the window. Her new neighbor, a man she thought was a nuisance, now holds an irresistible charm she can’t deny. What should she do when her soul opposes every rule about love she thought was right? Questioning the limits of fate, the power of choice, and the true nature of attraction, will she follow the rules or follow her heart?

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