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Book Coaching

For the serious writer who wants to get their book written and write the best book possible. We will work together side by side, shining a light on your most profound gift and knowledge. You don’t need to worry about what to say or how to write the chapter because I will have your back. I will pull from you your golden nuggets, and I will lovingly and firmly hold you accountable until your book is finished.

Developmental Edits

Whether you have completed a novel or nonfiction book, it is a good idea for the manuscript to go through professional eyes so you will confidently know what is working in the book and what could use a little extra love.

A developmental edit is a review of the overall manuscript to determine how ready the book is for publication and to be read. In the evaluation, you will receive a roadmap of what is working and what could be redone to sparkle more. It includes evaluation of the overall structure, themes, and logical flow and whether the writing meets the highest standards. It also includes ideas on how to make it sparkle more.

It doesn’t include looking at grammar issues or proofreading.


I rarely take on ghostwriting projects. We must be a good fit, and the subject must call to my heart. A ghostwriter helps write the content and puts the book together where another person is officially credited. Before writing a book, I would spend time getting to know you or the entity I am writing for to capture the right tone, voice, and message.

For most projects, the ghostwriter remains anonymous.


“As a writer, I face many obstacles besides just getting the writing done. Lisa helped me identify my stumbling blocks and find ways around them. All while helping me recognize the positives in my writing life.”

—Kathy McIntosh, Mystery Writer

“I was wondering where my book was going when I started working with Lisa. She helped me see the book come together better than I thought. It’s been quite a journey and one that I couldn’t have done without her. Our calls are one of the highlights of my week. I really enjoy them and they set up the week so well to go and write the chapter. This experience is transformative, and I know will shape the rest of my life.”

—Fleur Bryant, Make Way, Co-Founder

“My book is head and shoulders above other pain management books that include boring client sketches because of my work with Lisa. She taught me how to get my clients to come alive on the page, and as an added bonus, my storytelling skills have strength positively impacting my presentations.”

—Bonnie Lester, Chaplain, and Lifestyle Medicine Consultant

“Lisa challenged my work in a way that helped me understand how to better articulate my ideas and connect with my audience. She encouraged me as I worked through the “messy middle” to write a book I’m proud of. I still use the skills I’ve learned from her as I continue my writing journey. I would absolutely work with her again.”

— Kate Volman, CEO of Floyd Consulting and Co-Host Delray Morning Live

“As a result of working with Lisa, I’ve improved my writing skills in all areas of my business, including my book, keynote speeches, corporate programs, and email correspondence. Hiring Lisa as a writing coach is a worthwhile investment.”

—Danielle Cobo, Career Consultant | Speaker | Corporate Facilitator

“Lisa has the superpower to take your writing to the next level. She has helped me uplevel my book by clarifying my ideas and teaching me to express them in a streamlined manner. She really put her heart and soul into making my book great.”

—Ern Brake, Dr. Ernest J Brake, Lifestyle Medicine Consultant

Just Finish Your Meaningful Book Program to 30-day immersion.

You will walk away with the following:

  • Knowing exactly how your book stands out in the marketplacecompared to other authors so you will have the confidence to know your unique sauce. This will give you guidance on how to construct your book powerfully.
  • I will work with you to develop a clear blueprint for the overall book to keep your writing flowing chapter after chapter.
  • I will roll up my sleeves and provide weekly training and implementation on your book. You will learn and apply the information to keep you producing a book that will have your readers flipping the pages and providing them with LASTING impact.
  • I will also provide hands-on, customized help with your writing. I will read your pages weekly and give detailed feedback and suggestions. I will tell you precisely what is working and why. I will also tell you in a supportive way what could improve to make your words sizzle even more.
  • This program is for people who want customized support and don't want to be in a group of 100s without individualized feedback. If you are a person who likes smaller groups where it is hands-on, helping you complete the project throughout the week, this is the program for you.

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