Chasing Mr. Wrong

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Published by: Morgan James Fiction
Release Date: May 7, 2024
Pages: 228
ISBN13: 978-1636983189


What if everything you know about finding Mr. Right… turns out to be wrong?

Zoey Woodland believes in happily ever after… but only if she follows the ideal rules of love. Even if she comes from a failed marriage filled with broken promises, and an unstable home with a bossy older sister who won’t stop telling her what to do, Zoey is determined to find the perfect guy. Training to become a relationship expert, she even tries to help others avoid the pain she has suffered.

In a 24-hour period, though, everything Zoey knows about love goes out the window. Her new neighbor, a man she thought was a nuisance, now holds an irresistible charm she can’t deny. What should she do when her soul opposes every rule about love she thought was right? Questioning the limits of fate, the power of choice, and the true nature of attraction, will she follow the rules or follow her heart?

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"I had the honor and pleasure of reading an advance copy of Anastasia Alexander’s new novel, Chasing Mr. Wrong. Zoey is a spunky heroine who has fallen on hard times in both her personal and professional life. To add to the complications, her meddling sister slips her a love potion in hopes of getting Zoey to fall for her sexy neighbor, who has complications of his own with his parents trying to arrange a marriage for him. The novel is fun, funny, and full of heart. Not only is it a feel-good romance, it’s also a book about the importance of empowering oneself."
—Karen M. Bryson, USA Today best-selling author

"So are relationships all about destiny, with their success formula written in the stars? Or is finding a good match a matter of science and strategies? Chasing Mr. Wrong is a surprising, clever, and both lighthearted and heartfelt tale of Zoey’s launch of her business, “Relationships Done Right.” She has competition from Reynesh, plus, her sister can’t help but interfere, and then there’s that “maybe” Mr. Right. Read it. Trust me—Zoey and her very modern network are great fun."
—Virginia McCullough, author of The Jacks of Her Heart

"Gosh, I love the title of Chasing Mr. Wrong. Haven't we all chased Mr. Wrong at some point? Here is a short version of the story: Fresh off a divorce and jobless, Zoey is sure she can find Mr. Perfect, but her sister slips a love potion into the coffee. Let the games begin! What a fun read. Highly recommend."
—Lana McAra, best-selling, award-winning author

"An Absolute Joy! Three things that make this book stand out are: 1) the cross-cultural aspects and the characters’ differing views. Having spent a significant amount of time in India and living abroad, I really appreciate the diversity in this novel. This adds much depth to this wonderful love story; 2) as a divorcee and life coach, I completely identified with Zoey, and it was a joy and relief to watch her grow into a strong woman; and 3) and I saved the best for last . . . the twist at the end absolutely sets this romance apart from the crowd. This was very well done. Chasing Mr. Wrong made me laugh a lot and brought tears to my eyes. The characters are amazingly crafted and fun. This is an absolute must-read."
—Lynne Hill-Clark, Psy.D., best-selling author of A Woman’s World Series

"Chasing Mr. Wrong features a heroine who is quirky and full of heart, and you can’t help rooting for her. Chasing Mr. Wrong has it all—humor, sister drama, romance, motorcycles, fun twists, and, of course, a dreamy next-door neighbor."
—Tiffany Walker, avid book reader

"Destiny versus self-made? A timeless question that is explored in the most surprising way. Chasing Mr. Wrong is an endearing enemies-to-lovers tale with a twist I never saw coming.
—F. K. Isley, avid book reader

"Such a fun play on science, destiny, and self-discovery with a heroine you can’t help rooting for. This clean sweet post-divorce romance is a refreshing read."
—Sara LaFontain, author of The Corbitt Calamities Series

"Chasing Mr. Wrong features Zoey, fresh off a divorce, unsure of herself and very naïve but determined to find Mr. Perfect. At the top of her list, (yes, she has a list) is Disneyland. If Mr. Potential Perfect doesn’t like Disneyland, he’s scratched off the list. Her quest for the right man receives unasked-for help when her sister slips a love potion in the attractive neighbor’s coffee. What follows is a story filled with sister drama, humor, romance, and an unconventional hero who offers something more than beautiful teeth and a handsome bod. With his help, Zoey learns how to fend for herself. Watching Zoey evolve from a naïve young woman unsure of her place in life to a confident, self-assured fighter who can make her own decisions was very satisfying. Chasing Mr. Wrong is a quick feel-good read where the sparks are intense, the banter snappy, and the sister bonds are strong. You’ll keep reading with a smile until the last page."
—Lorraine Norwood, author of The Margaret Chronicles

"A riveting tale. Chasing Mr. Wrong beautifully weaves the complexities of modern love with irresistible storytelling. An absolute must-read!"
—Marta Lane, author and creator of Trust Your Words


Chapter One

Rarely, if ever, does a woman become divorced and receive a dozen roses on the same day from the same man. Only a few hours after my lawyer’s phone call, the flowers arrived on my front porch in all their glory. They weren’t even dead. Sending a bouquet of black flowers, I understood. But red?

It was like he was suggesting we made a mistake by breaking up, which we did not. Damion had fallen out of love with me about ten minutes after we got married. Maybe ten minutes before. But whenever it happened, the love vanished. Poof—gone like magic.

My part—I thought he was Mr. Perfect. After all, he was cute and paid attention to me, and I believed that after I said “I do” under the California sun, that would continue. Silly me.

His part—he thought he could actually talk me out of wanting kids. Didn’t work. I just cried more often and offered to babysit whenever I saw a neighbor with a child. No one ever took me up on that.

I stared at the flowers and the unopened card. Heat crawled up my neck. Hopefully, my neighbors weren’t watching a single woman, a divorced woman, a free woman . . . alone . . . just standing there.

Pressure to get back to my homework for my long distance-learning program finally compelled me to snatch the card. But before I could read it, a loud sports car jolted up my driveway.

My upscale older sister, Tiffany Marie Woodland, had arrived. The star of the family. She held the beauty and grace of a runway model and could pull off wearing brand-name clothes without a wrinkle or stain. How she did that was a mystery I doubted I’d ever crack.

I waited for her to park and approach me, half holding my breath. She strolled up in her outrageously high heels clicking on the sidewalk. Her eyes locked on the roses.

“Who are those from?”

I swallowed a lump in my throat. “No one.” I wrapped my fingers around the card to hide it from her prying eyes. “Land more big deals at the bank?”

“Of course.” Her face lit up. “Brought in $100,000 just today.”

I picked up the roses and headed into my house. “Impressive.”

“Zoey,” I heard her call toward my back. “Tell me about those flowers.”

There was a reason she was an all-star at the bank. She was more unrelenting than a hungry mosquito by a swamp.

“Who could it be . . .?” Her voice trailed off as her brain ran through possibilities. “Your lawyer?”

I said nothing.

She shook her head. “No, you wouldn’t be hiding that . . . Nor would you hide a friend. Only people romantically interested would send red roses.”

I hustled into the kitchen, set the flowers on the counter, and noticed her ever-common raised eyebrow. To avoid her eyes, I picked up a box of lentil crackers on my counter. I had left them out unopened, not having gathered the courage to try them yet, just like I wasn’t quite ready to try on my new life.

Wanting to stay in motion, I slid open the pantry door. I studied the disheveled shelves. The new me was going to be on top of things—organized and healthy—which meant I had to rid myself of the cans containing evil MSG destroying everyone’s health. And I needed a system for where things belonged.

I pushed dusty—probably expired—chicken soup cans to the side to make room for the new, improved food—lentil crackers.

“Tiff,” I called out, “the lawyer rang. It’s official. I’m divorced.” My voice wavered.

“It’s about time.” She hunted for the card in the roses. “That man is a menace.” She gave up. “Tell me about these.” She eyed the flowers like it was some big secret, and I was obligated to explain.

I pushed a few boxes around on the pantry shelf. Pasta noodles tumbled onto the floor from an opened bag.

“Tell me.”


Tiffany slapped the counter. “You’re kidding.”

“Wish I was.” I opened the lentil cracker box, then turned to see my sister’s face reddened.

“That’s priceless. What a piece of work.” She drummed her fingers against the counter. “You just received a call from your lawyer saying you were officially divorced—what, yesterday?”

This morning at 9:23 a.m. to be exact, but I wasn’t going to correct her. Instead, armed with an open box of lentil crackers, I offered Tiffany one by shaking it.

She retreated like I was giving her poison.