Romancing JT

A Reality TV Romance

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Published by: Elegant Elephant Books
Release Date: April 15, 2018
Pages: 380
ISBN13: 978-1948410007



Can love survive the world watching?

Recently divorced Maggie Chambers just got kicked out of her apartment and has nowhere to go. Her best friend suggests that Maggie goes on a reality tv show to compete for handsome cowboy JT Devonshire’s heart against the world’s best women.

Having the world watch their every move, Maggie and JT learn about themselves, their past romantic wounds, and about each other—which might threaten not only their love but the show’s promised happily ever after ending.

Romancing JT is a story about a lost woman searching to remake herself, a widower who is not sure if he can recover from his past, and a force that just might prove to the world that love is worth struggling for.

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“Anastasia Alexander weaves an interesting story with characters that readers will love. This is a story with great emotional and psychological depth. Anastasia Alexander succeeds in keeping the excitement of her readers high while building on characters that they can easily connect to. This is, indeed, an engaging and entertaining read.”
—Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite

“This book will have you hooked right from the start. An interesting spin on today’s reality television romances, this book is entertaining yet very deep in its emotions and storyline. Highly recommended!”
—Mazie Martin

“This romance novel is filled with interesting characters, plot twists and a profound meaning. The main character is helplessly romantic Maggie Chambers who enjoys relationships and the finer things in life. While luxuriously traveling the world with her French lover, she is suddenly abandoned by her lover and left with little money. I enjoyed this!”
—Debbit Dachinger

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