What Is Missing When Writing Your Book

I have worked with hundreds of writers. One of the biggest things that I see writers struggle with when they first start to write is not embracing their uniqueness as authors.

When we know what makes us unique and bring that to the page, it is a lot of fun for our readers.

Why is this so crucial?

When you bring your raw, authentic self to the page, the words come easier. People can feel your authenticity, and that draws them in.

If anyone has ever been to my house, they will know that I love castles, English history, tapestries, tea (especially green tea), and travel.

This love has inspired me to establish Castle Dreams Writingā€”a haven where aspiring writers can unlock their full potential amidst the inspiring backdrop of a castle and professional support.

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Castle Dreams Writing, a platform dedicated to helping writers embrace their uniqueness and bring their stories to life. Whether you’re drawn to the whispers of history or the allure of travel, let’s embark on a journey to discover the stories only you can tell.


What is unique about you? How can that show up more in your writing?


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