How to Make YOUR Legacy Book Memorable

Many authors embark on a quest to leave a mark on the world. But what sets apart the memorable from the forgotten?

It’s not just talent, skill, or life-changing information—it’s the courage to infuse every page with one’s “unmistakable strength.”

From my experience working with hundreds of authors, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of embracing one’s strengths.

The challenge?

Damage from high school English class haunts many of us.

We “think” good writing looks a certain way.

Our stomach turns, and we stress out, believing we aren’t good enough. Or we try too hard to be formal or casual or whatever we think we should do.

When I have my academic writer drill down on what he is good at—creating a powerful argument and backing it up—his writing becomes powerful.

When the healer embraced the humor in her writing, her perfect clients kept reading.

When my memoirist dives in and really shows her vulnerability and bravely admits the mess that came of her life from the trauma, we, as readers, are championing her on the quest and finding ourselves in the pages.

The best way to write better is to figure out your strengths and put more of that on the page.

What is your strength that you can bring more to the page?

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