Newest Book Club Fiction Novel #1: Chasing Mr. Wrong Book Trailer

Check out my book trailer for my upcoming book club fiction novel!

Dive into the enthralling journey of Zoey, a resilient divorcée, as she navigates love, life, and self-discovery in Anastasia Alexander’s latest novel, Chasing Mr. Wrong. Jobless, loveless Zoey, fresh off a divorce, embarks on a quest to find her elusive Mr. Perfect. An unexpected twist occurs when her sister concocts a love potion to attract their charismatic neighbor, leading to a whirlwind romance.

However, when the potion’s effects dissipate, Zoey must confront the harsh realities of love and heartbreak, striving to rebuild her life and secure her happily-ever-after. Chasing Mr. Wrong addresses the timeless question of whether humans are guided by fate or self-determination, offering a heartwarming exploration of Zoey’s transformative journey of self-discovery.

The novel stands out with its unique, light-hearted take on the classic love potion trope, but retains its focus on the character’s emotional evolution, making it a refreshing read in the women’s fiction and romance genre.

This novel not only appeals to fans of Lifetime and Hallmark for its wholesome, clean narrative, but also provides engaging material for book club discussions. As Zoey finds her inner strength and resilience, she inspires others to reflect on their own paths and the power of personal growth, leaving them with a renewed belief in the magic of the human spirit.

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